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New York City is facing a two-part problem:

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Rising flood insurance costs

Recent federal legislation is raising flood insurance costs dramatically for homeowners in older, denser cities. It’s a change that could displace thousands of New York families.

More extreme weather

By 2050, New York City sea levels are expected to rise as high as two and a half feet, making floods from today’s harshest storms more likely to occur.

The risk is real. Here’s how we can help:

Find yourself on the flood map

With just your address, we can tell you what NYC’s flood zones mean for you.


Get a flood insurance estimate

We’re not an insurance company and we don’t sell flood insurance, but we can estimate what your flood insurance rate might look like.

Lower your risk & your rate

There are many ways to reduce your flood risk — and many of those ways also lower your flood insurance cost.

Rising Tides, Rising Rates

Read the Center’s landmark report on flood Insurance and New York City's affordability crisis



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Coney Island

We’re advocates for NYC’s flood-prone neighborhoods

The new, funded through the New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery and New York Rising, is a project of the Center for New York City Neighborhoods. The Center promotes and protects affordable homeownership in New York so that middle-­ and working-­class families are able to build strong, thriving communities.

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