Raising Your Home’s Mechanical Equipment

Your home’s mechanical equipment — such as your furnace, electrical utilities and plumbing — is essential.


When flood water reaches the equipment, it can stop functioning correctly. Replacing or repairing it can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. That’s why one of the most effective options for making your home less vulnerable to flooding is to raise the mechanical equipment. This can be done by elevating the equipment above where it is currently located or by relocating it from the basement or crawl space to the first floor or higher. In some cases, homeowners may want to build a small addition to their house above the flood elevation as a utilities room. Unfortunately, raising mechanicals will save you little or no money on your flood insurance premium. It is also a relatively expensive option.

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How it would affect your flood insurance rate

Raising the mechanical equipment in your home could save you between $100 and $200 per year in your premium.

How it works

When you relocate your mechanical equipment above the flood elevation or out of your basement, you significantly reduce the risk of critical systems being damaged during a flood. Not only will you save on expensive repair and replacement costs, but you will also be able to return to your home much faster after a flood if your heat and electrical systems are intact. That alone can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in temporary relocation costs.

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Moving your home’s mechanical equipment can take anywhere from three days to a few weeks, depending on your home and your contractor and which systems you choose to relocate. During that time, you will have limited or no access to your heat, hot water, and electrical utilities.