Backwater Valve Installation Program

Prevent costly damage to your home from sewage backups that can pose health risks.

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Many homeowners throughout NYC’s flood-prone neighborhoods have incurred costly damage from sewage backing up into their property during storms. Besides ruining personal belongings, the wastewater can also pose a health hazard to residents. Select homeowners in qualifying neighborhoods can now receive a free backwater valve installation through a federally-funded program. By installing a valve, homeowners can protect family, finances and property. Participants in the program also receive an elevation certificate and expert analysis that could help lower flood insurance rates.

Professional audit and elevation certificate


Valued at over $1800

Program provided by

Governor's Office of Storm Recovery

Backwater Valve

Backwater Valve

Our team, including engineers and plumbers, will work with you to determine whether your home could benefit from a backwater valve.

Flood Insurance Counseling

Flood Insurance Counseling

Our expert counselors will review your flood insurance policy and discuss potential options to help reduce your flood insurance cost through a review of the elevation certificate and mitigation options.

Resiliency Report

Resiliency Report

After we inspect your home and assess its flood risk, we’ll send you a detailed technical report, complete with measurements and information on which retrofits (i.e., raising your mechanical systems) can make you more flood-safe.

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Elevation Certificate

Elevation Certificate

We’ll also send you a document that certifies your home’s elevation. If you live in a high-risk flood zone, the elevation certificate can keep your flood insurance rate from skyrocketing.

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A credentialed engineering firm will evaluate your home and give you the resiliency report, which outlines what you can do to be flood-safe.

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We’ll schedule a time for you to speak with a resiliency counselor, who can walk you through your report and your options.


We’ll upload your report and elevation certificate for you to review, so you can decide which steps to take.



Your report will include all the ways you can fortify your home and we can help connect you to any resources you need to get started.

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homeowners in high-risk zones without an elevation certificate are overpaying for flood insurance.

Currently Served Areas


Bensonhurst, Bergen Beach, Brighton Beach, Canarsie, Coney Island, Gravesend, Georgetown, Gerritsen Beach, Howard Beach, Lower Manhattan, Manhattan Beach, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Mill Island, Red Hook, Rockaway East, Seagate, and Sheepshead Bay.

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