Home Resiliency Audit

A free program to help protect your home and finances from floods

See If You're Eligible
Why Should You Apply?

Homeowners in high-risk flood zones need an “elevation certificate” to get an accurate flood insurance quote. It’s the only way to know how high your rate will go; without it, your rate could just keep going up and up. If you’re eligible for a free Home Resiliency Audit, we’ll have an engineer visit your house and prepare one for you. Having one will allow us to help determine which retrofits – such as elevating your home – can reduce your flood insurance cost.

Professional audit and elevation certificate


Valued at over $1800

How it Works
  • An Engineer Assesses Your Home’s Vulnerability to Flooding

    A qualified engineering firm will take measurements of your home to assess its strength and resistance to flooding, and will issue you an elevation certificate.

  • A Customized Resiliency Plan is Created for You

    We will provide a plan that outlines the options that fit your home best. You can share this report with contractors, insurance agents, and others who will be helping to make your home more flood resistant.

Currently Served Areas

Neighborhoods: Canarsie, Gravesend, Bensonhurst, Howard Beach, Southeast Brooklyn Waterfront, Red Hook, Lower Manhattan, Rockaway East

Prioritizing criteria: income level; whether or not you suffered Sandy damage; whether or not you have an elevation certificate.